Im Back and Star Wars Rant

Whoooooaaaaahoooooooo. I FOR ONE HAVE NOT POSTED IN YEARS. Months. But it feels like years. Me and Shinks (ahem, Shinks and I) were just talking about how WordPress is such a barren place. :cries: I feel so SAD! But for those of you who DO read these, thanks. So instead of sadness, let’s talk about STAR WARS THE BEST THING THAT HAPPENED TO THE WORLD EVER. Omg omg omg it’s so good. I legit think the new one is better than the old ones! Much better than the prequels..: I’ve seen it 3 times now, and I’ll see it 102837282517182627273817255416 more! Don’t lie to me, I know you didn’t read all of that. Don’t lie to me again, I know half of you went back and re-read it just to prove me wrong. Ok. WHO DO YOU THINK REY IS???? I for one am voting for her being Han and Leia’s daughter, therefore **SPOILER** Ren’s sister. That would be cool. Cooler than them being “love interests”, because I don’t ship that. But it’s okay if you do. Lol. I want to know what you few readers think of our little situation. I’m so excited for the next one!   March 26, 2017 people. 431 days and counting!!!!! Yeah I’m a nerd. I know. I’m so excited ❤️

Also a small tribute to Alan Rickman, who died recently. We love you, Alan. Rest in peace.

Remember to comment so I know you guys care about me! Not that you have to out of guilt lol…



SO FINI SAID “we need to post on the blag!” so here.

MERRY CHRISTMAS 😀 Have some art Screen Shot 2015-12-24 at 12.55.34 PM.png


HI! IM NOT DEAD! Accomplishment? Yes.  :applauds self: Sooooooo… I was looking back over my super cheesy post the FALL OF FAVORITES in which I sound super nerdy and probably like that really not cool kid you’d never want to hang out with. BUT YEAH. I AM THAT KID SO THANKS. Anyway I was looking over this post and I realized I’ve already seen like four of the six things I posted, and I’m about to see the fifth in a couple days 😆 SOOOO EXCITED. So haha I was looking at my commentary and now I’m like, …and why was I so excited again???? Good job Fini. 😂😂 :pats:

super boring post I know. But I honestly don’t know what to talk about these days! I’d actually love to do a simple Q and A with you people… If you want to sound off in the comments. Just to give me something to write about.




Okay so me loves Halloween too. That was the most fabulous grammar you’ve ever seen? Thought so. Let me restate that. The holiday of Halloween is the most favorite to me. :says in prissy proper voice: STILL AMAZING?! Man, you guys are great. thankyavermuch, thankyavermuch. Ssoooooo yah! I CAN eat le candy! And it’s delicious! Ha! Yum yum… CAMDY HIPER! Ya. Anyway I thought it’d be fun to show you guys the extent of my beautiful Halloween drawings:


Notice the innocent eyes, crap paper, and sloppy writing. TRUE ARTIST RIGHT HERE PEOPLE. And yes, Shinko we must. We’ve been thinking about doing some kind of funny Halloween costume together soooooo Hooray YAY

HAVE A SPOOKILY FABULOUSLY HAUNTING HALLOWEEN! Or for all you international people who don’t celebrate it.,. Happy fall? Yeah. Fun. Bye.




Okay, it’s not that spoopy.

Im working on a 3-marker challenge for y’all. Yaaay.




Hey Hey Hey

It’s almost time for my favorite holiday!

Halloween!!!!!! Whoopee, scary things and darkness and…more scary things? (I can’t do candy anymore. Keeps me up at night.)

So I’m working on a special Halloween piece for you, and I have a bit of exciting news regarding Sac-Anime.

I’ve finally mustered up the courage to enter one of their art contests!!

(Applauds self)

I’ll keep you posted on details.



Hello. It’s me. I’m not dead. (wub wub wub goes the Silent Hill dubstep because thats what I’m listening to) Yes, Fini is correct, we may post more over winter break or over the 4 day weekend we have coming up. I need to post more of my art endeavors, but time hasn’t permitted me to do so.

Ugh. My life is tiring presently, in many different ways. I’m hoping I’ll get through it alive! *laughs*

I hope you didn’t miss me too much.

See you around.